Our build so far ……..

Aspire luxury 2 storey I start this blog with a bit of trepidation as I haven’t done a blog before so I am learning as I go here. I’ve been inspired to write a blog by the some incredibly talented bloggers that I have been following.  I am so enjoying following their journeys with the ups and downs of building.  I’ve picked up lots of handy tips and resources so thought it was time to share. Hopefully I will be able to pass on something useful to someone else who is building. Our building journey began when we started getting itchy feet about 2 years ago. We spent several months looking at established homes but just couldn’t find exactly what we wanted. We had several friends who had started building, and we had always liked the idea of designing and building a home. We were looking at a home for sale one sunny afternoon when we drove by our ‘perfect’ block – 725 sq m, 20m wide, north/south orientation and 150m from the beach and Marina — so game was on! Some friends that were building encouraged us to go through a tender process so we could get exactly what we wanted at a competitive price. This was a steep learning curve for us. We visited what seemed like hundreds of display homes to get an idea of designs and also to confirm that we did or didn’t want to go with a ‘big’ builder. We got very close to signing up with WBN who were very helpful and we had always loved their homes….but in the end we decided we wanted ‘our’ design and the more personal input and ownership of the job that you tend to get from a smaller builder. We picked a tender company and started the ball rolling. Their work was ‘OK’ but felt we could do better…you only get one go at this expensive exercise so you need to be completely comfortable that what you end up with is what you really want!. The second building broker was excellent, the designer was ‘on song’. The overall design process took longer than we had anticipated, partly because we were not comfortable with the first effort but also because were keen to maximise the use of the orientation of the block and apply passive solar principles whilst retaining as much of the wish list as possible, so there was a bit of ‘tooing and froing’ (on our part) to get the design settled. Some of the things on our wish list for the new home – Main bedroom downstairs at rear Yoga/gym room with courtyard access Large open kitchen with scullery and pantry Lots of storage Passive solar (with louvre windows) Pool for lap swimming Some garden area and privacy Timeline: Block purchased – Nov 2012 Signed up with Tender company – Dec 2012 Block settled – Feb 2013 Final Design/drawings ready for tender – July 2013 Tenders Issued – Aug/Sept 2013 Chose builder & signed contract – Sept 2013 Plans into council for approval – Oct/Nov 2013 Council approval -17 Dec 2013 Christmas and New Year intervene!! Builder goes to site – January 2014. GF Slab down – Feb 2014 GF brickwork – April 2014 UF slab – June 2014 Uf brickwork – Aug 2014 UF roof – Aug/Sept 2014 UF plaster/render – Sept 2014 UF ceilings/cornices – Oct 2014 UF windows – Oct 2014 (We had a few delays waiting for brickies and other trades as a big shortage in WA at present) We have made a few changes to the design below – Deleted wall in scullery/storage to make a large scullery/pantry Added niche wall in family area Deleted wall in main bedroom robe Moved access to robe and ensuite from passageway to main bedroom Added wall around front to create a courtyard Windows in dining/ensuite and entrance are louvres House plans as issued for tender in 2013, designed by ‘Your Building Broker’   (http://www.yourbuildingbroker.com.au)

2013-02-10 08.51.51
Our block
2014-02-02 18.41.54
Site prep Jan 2014
2014-02-03 15.27.07
Slab down Feb 4th 2014
2014-04-07 16.58.05
Woo hoo first brickwork April 7th 2014
2014-05-05 16.32.26
Ground floor brickwork – family area (North facing)
2014-06-07 16.40.45
GF brickwork
2014-06-09 08.45.12
UF slab June 2014
2014-08-12 17.34.40
UF brickwork Aug 2014
2014-08-16 17.19.03
UF roof Aug/Sept 2014

9 comments on “Our build so far ……..

  1. Hooray! I’m so happy you are blogging. I am certainly going to benefit from your blog since you are ahead of us in the build process and I think we have similar taste in decor and gardens. I love your plan. Where is the yoga room going? Did you already find Trixee’s blog? They are also about to start building a solar passive home.

    • How exciting – my first follower!
      Thanks Jo.
      I’ve been so inspired by your HBTW blog and hope that I can pass a little bit on to you.
      I am still really struggling with themes, layous etc but hopefully I will improve. I’ve started looking at some tutorials – perhaps I should have done that first! Oh well, I can only try.
      The yoga room is labelled Guest Room at the front of the house. We designed it with the intention that it could always be used as a spare/guest bedroom if or when we sold. This room has a sliding door opening on to the enclosed courtyard where there will be a water feature (still looking for that).
      Here’s to happy blogging 🙂

  2. I’m not sure what our build star rating is. I do know we didn’t have to do anything extra to get it through.
    We put in extra insulation throughout, placed windows to get a good airflow, used louvres, tinted glass and the whole house is tiled and we are installing a good solar power system. I’m sure we could have done a lot more.
    The biggest dilemma for us was our alfresco on the north side – we looked at vergolas, deciduous vines etc but in the end went with a solid fixed roof. Our thinking on this was that for most of the year here you are trying to keep your house cool. We do have some large louvred windows on the eastern side which will get quite a bit of sun. The plan is to plant a deciduous tree on this side. I will try to put a picture up of our house plans on our block.
    i have got pics on pinterest Deb Dawes (sorry I’ve no idea how to add a link).

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