Interior Selections

Mood board - interior colours Our house is now beginning to feel like a home with the walls up and the ceilings and windows going in on the upper floor – I am starting to imagine us living there! I have thoroughly enjoyed the interior selections part of the building process. I’ve loved searching the internet (pinterest and houzz, homeone forum) and visiting many, many shops. I think my better half has been extremely relieved that I’ve taken on this role and that he has to only get dragged out for a few hrs every now and again for us to make a final decision. This has worked out very well as he has been dealing with the nitty gritty stuff like air-conditioning, pool, solar etc. The most challenging selection was choosing the right tile as we had decided that we wanted to tile the whole house and preferably with the same tile. I trialed many sample tiles around our home including stain and wear testing! This looked a bit odd to anyone visiting as I had large tiles lying around the house with blobs of tomato sauce, red wine, soy sauce etc. After visiting many tile shops (I think I almost became a regular and on first name basis in a few!) we eventually settled on a grey stone look Italian tile. This tile is to be run throughout the house including the porch and alfresco area and also bathrooms and walls – a big decision (590sqm) and hopefully the right one! This tile has formed the backbone for the rest of our selections. 04-BLEND-STONE-GALLERY-1024 We have tried to keep everything fairly simple in the house with the view that we will use interior furnishings and accessories to provide colour and contrasts. Our builder gave us the opportunity to have a session with an interior designer. My better half had mixed feelings about how useful this visit would be but was very impressed with the end result. We gelled immediately with the interior designer and we were all on the same wave length with using the same tile throughout in fact she loved the idea. We were pretty organised by the time we visited her with our main tile selected and we got her to help us choose cabinetry/stone colours, internal/external wall colours – it certainly made life a lot easier and quicker than me trying to look at hundreds of paint samples and scroll through the internet. We picked most of our fittings etc months ago and have recently had to go back and revisit as had forgotten what some of our selections looked like!!!! Most of our plumbing fittings are The Vito Bertoni range Merito and once again have used that throughout the house. En suite selections: Benchtop : Essastone Balsato Profile : 60mm SQ arris Cabinetry : Polytec Thermo Ultra White Gloss Cabinetry : Drawers with centre shelf for towels Handles : No handles – recess detail Basins: Above counter ADP Fiore Fiore Tapware Wall mounted Vito Bertoni Merito Bath outlet Phoenix Flow Kado Lure bath for en suite UF Bathroom & Powder Room Cabinetry Adp Bayo Vanity Unit Tapware: Vito Bertoni Merito Kitchen & Scullery I love the all white kitchens but decided to go for two colours to give a bit of warmth to the area as we’ve got the tiles on the floor. Benchtops: Essastone Bone White Profile: 40mm arris polished Benchtop Island: Essastone Basalto Profile: 80mm or 100mm (depending on cost!)arris polished End of bench family side: Overhang 300mm End of bench entrance: Waterfall Main cabinetry: Polytec Thermo Ultra White Feature cabinetry: Laminex Moose Silk Profile: ABS Feature Cabinetry: All cabinetry on oven wall side Kickboards: Brushed Aluminium Handles: No handles – recess detail Splashbackkitchen/scullery: Cappuchino? (still not decided) SplashbackThe darker one Kitchenette Benchtop: Essastone Basalto Profile: 20mm Sq arris Cabinetry: Polytec Createc Stone Grey Gloss Profile: ABS Kickboard: Brushed aluminium Handles: No handles – recess detail Splashback: 300mm H glass cappuchino? Laundry Benchtop: Polytec Laminate Amaro Matt Profile: 33mm tightform Cabinetry: Polytec Thermo Ultra White Gloss Profile: 3mm Manchester Handles: No handles – recess detail Painting Door/frames colour Dulux Rottnest Island (appropriate! ) Ceiling/cornices Matt white All Walls Dulux Rottnest Island Cornices Aria (just been installed) 2014-10-21 14.18.23<a

For Trixee – Aria cornices 🙂

aria cornice 2 aria cornice 1


12 comments on “Interior Selections

  1. This my favourite part of the whole process! Loving your selections. Great floor tile, where from? Also love your ensuite basin. Just curious, how deep is your benchtop? Can’t quite make out your cornice in that pic 😦

    • Sorry Trixee but photos and computer are just not my thing! I’ve added a couple more photos that I took yesterday for you so hope they are a bit more useful.
      The tile is from Trend Ceramics in Osborne Park – it comes in a 600 x 600 and is the Magica Pepper.
      The benchtops are 600 but we only saw the cabinet maker last week so I am going off some old drawings. I am not sure about the depth of the ensuite as don’t have those yet, just remind me and I will give them to you once we hear back from the cabinet maker.

      • We decided to tile the main floors and really like your selection. Do you know the brand of the tile? I’ll need to ring around and see if anyone supplies it in NSW.

      • We found a tile shop that can supply the same tiles! We’ll pick up a sample in the weekend. Just wondering whether you are carpeting any areas and if so, what colour are you going with? Thanks!

      • That’s great that you have been able to find a supplier for the tile. It is a good idea to get a sample and place it around the house in different rooms and check it out at various times during the day.
        We are not having any carpet – we are going to use rugs around the house to break it up a bit. Once the tiles are laid (early next yr) I will post some pics 🙂

  2. Somehow I missed this post earlier. I love your floor tile choice (such a huge decision!) I think we have selected similar for our ensuite – but I that was 11 months ago, so like you, I need to revisit.

  3. I have to say Jo i am having these small panic attacks about some of our decisions and the decision to tile the whole house in the same tile is causing me a few anxious moments. I am assured by my gorgeous daughters and my better half that it will look great so keeping my finges crossed as it is certainly something you want to get right!

  4. Deb, I think I got a “get out of jail free” card on my splash back tiles when they became discontinued. I knew that this was a smallish area so the worst case situation was to replace them. But floors are such a huge investment. Judging by the picture of the tiles you’ve chosen, I think you’ve chosen well. You will be able to change mood, colour and warmth with rugs. I like the comfort and look of wood for floors (we are a bare foot family) but if I was to choose tiles, I’d choose yours!

    • Thanks Jo.
      I love wooden floors too but with two little doggies, grandkids and my laid back approach to housework we decided that tiles would probably work better for us. Our friends have just moved into their new home in Port Coogee and installed wooden floors throughout and it looks stunning.
      I am sure you will enjoy having another look for your splashback tiles as there are so many beautiful tiles being introduced all the time. I on the other hand am avoiding tile shops as certainly don’t want to be tempted by anything else now ours have been ordered!

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