What’s cooking in the kitchen?

YThick stone counter


I love cooking and  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by very willing family and friends who are happy to be guinea pigs for me.
The kitchen in the new house has been a bit of splurge and I really can’t wait to use it. We have designed it so that it is very open and will be the ‘hub’ of our home.
We have chosen all Siemens products because they have a good reputation, great 5 year warranty and I love the look and range.
Baking is a frequent occurance in our house as our daughter enjoys cooking too so we decided on two built-in  wall ovens. I didn’t’ go for the top of the range with all the programmes because to be honest I never use most of the programmes.



This will be baking in our oven soon – I hope!

Gluten-free Persian orange and almond cake
Notebook: – June 2010 , Gluten free Persian Orange and almond cake Recipe by Sarah Hobbs


I  had a good look at the new Induction hobs and was very impressed by the demos that I saw and loved the idea of melting chocolate at such  a low heat that you didn’t have to worry about burning it.




Ultimate one-bowl chocolate dessert cake recipe
Delicious Donna Hay Ultimate one-bowl chocolate dessert cake recipe

I just couldn’t get my head around not cooking with gas so my very generous better half indulged my whim for having gas too so now we are cooking!!





Crispy salmon with zucchini salad
Crispy salmon with zucchini salad – Taste Magazine – April 2014 , Page 49 Recipe by Chrissy Freer

Of course I needed a dishwasher for all those dishes as washing up is one of my least enjoyable chores.





I love the all white modern kitchens but with the grey stone tile  on the floor I thought it might be a bit cold so we have chosen white and moose cabinetry (see interior selections) with Essastone Bone white benchtops and Essastone Basalto island. I am envisioning the kitchen looking something like this ………


kitchen layout and colours


Carlisle Homes Australia 4120 Raven


We now wait for a quote from the cabinet maker and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is not too much over budget and we will be able to have a 100mm profile on the island benchtop.

I also had a long window splashback on my wishlist and we’ve been able to achieve this in our design. There will be louvred windows on each side of the main pane of glass and hopefully there will be jasmine growing on the fence directly opposite 🙂


2014-04-18 07.31.34

Kitchen splashback window







8 comments on “What’s cooking in the kitchen?

  1. Your kitchen sounds awesome! We too are opting for seimens ovens and an induction cooktop. Haven’t yet chosen the dishwasher though.

  2. Thanks Trixee.
    We’ve got friends who have just moved into their new home and they intalled all Siemens in their kitchen and they say they are fantastic so think we are on to a winner!

  3. Love your kitchen ideas! 100mm stone profile will look a million dollars. The window splash is on trend right now. We also have it in our kitchen and hope it not only looks great but also practical (from a cleaning point of view).

    We wanted Siemens or Miele but Metricon won’t let us upgrade the appliances. Our option was to delete the appliances from contract and install them after handover. Hubby put his foot down and didn’t want to add to the long list of handover to-do. So we are stuck with good old Fisher & Paykel. I figured we can always upgrade in a few years. Happy cooking!

    • Thanks Sheilzy.
      We have a large window behind our kitchen sink in our current house and it is not a problem.
      I can understand your hubby not wanting to add to your handover to do list. We have tried to get our builder to manage as much as possible as my better half thought it might be easier to time/ coordinate if it is ‘under one roof’, so to speak. 🙂

  4. Ha, Deb! I love that you are already planning what you are going to cook in all your new appliances. I can’t imagine going without gas either. I like to see the heat.

  5. Ha ha Jo talk about planning ahead! I am getting a littlr bit frustrated now as we wait for the gf roofing to start – it is certainly an up and down ride .

    • Oooh the macaroons sound yummy – morning tea at your place 🙂
      I am quite sure our place will be just as chaotic but I like to imagine yummy cakes baking in the new oven.
      Love the wooden open shelves in your scullery pictures and the little pots of herbs 🙂

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