We have a pool!

2014-11-12 17.42.07

The giant sandpit at the rear of our block which grandson J loves playing in has been transformed into a giant concrete hole with steps that J loves even more!

It was a pleasant surprise to see work start on our 2.5m x 12m pool on Mon.

2014-11-04 07.02.35
J’s giant sandpit!




Spraying concrete
Spraying concrete
Steps t sit and enjoy a g&t!
Steps to sit and enjoy a g&t 🙂



The pool will have a 3m water wall feature and will be surrounded by exposed aggregate.  We will definitely need to soften it with greenery so there will be raised garden beds on each side of the water feature wall and a raised bed at the far end. We will also have grass and a wooden seat/blanket box at the shallow end.
I am  looking forward to dipping my feet in the warmer weather 🙂





8 comments on “We have a pool!

  1. That sure was a big hole. I find it amazing how it all comes together so quickly. How exciting to think that you might swim there this summer…. or am I getting ahead?

    • Oh I wish Jo.
      Looking at mid to late April 2015 for handover but the schedule changes frequently. I think we are about 2 wks behind our current schedule and i doubt very much that will be made up as we have the big break over Christmas and New Year.
      Oh well I am happy if things just keep moving forward and we get in in April. It starts getting tricky now as we prepare to put our house on the market and would ideally like to make one move but I think that is unlikely.
      Big breaths and deep yoga ooooooooms!

  2. Wow!! It’s ansolutely gorgeous!! I’m in awe of your amazing house! I cannot wait to see it progress! No wonder it’s taking longer that mine, it’s anout one hundred times bigger, debdjd haha so excited to see the progress!

    • Thank you Libby. I am enjoying reading about all these bloggers beautiful homes.
      I think we got carried away on our ‘downsizing’ and ended ‘upsizing’ lol. But, we do enjoy having the space/rooms for family and friends so that was the thinking with the design. 🙂

    • Thank you Sheilzy – I do hope so.
      It takes a lot of imagination at the moment especially when I look at all that sand, concrete and supersix fencing! 🙂

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