Roofing, rendering and green walls


2014-11-29 09.27.42

I popped down to the block today to see that they had almost finished the GF roof – yay! I did notice that there was a sheet of colourbond missing over the kitchen area so not sure what’s happening there? I just hope that it won’t mean more delays!

2014-12-02 16.02.03


They have also started rendering the GF walls which is great BUT the shower plumbing hasn’t been moved yet (it is too close to the shower entrance) and the niche hasnt been cut out (this was supposed to have been in our drawings and somehow got missed out – chech, check and check again!) So unfortunately the render will need to be cut and redone ………. nothing like making more work for ones self!

2014-12-03 18.21.01
Render in main bedroom


I think I might be showing a bit of frustration as I write this blog and I am am coming to the conclusion this is ‘building’ and you have to go with the flow! I am going to need my yoga room soon lol.
In order to curb my frustrations I have been trawling Pinterest and finding pictures on vertical gardens. I think I hinted in my earlier post that we are considering changing our landscaping plan and now that the house is up we are getting a far better grasp of the outside area. The garden is a much smaller one than our current home (we did this on purpose) but of course when you actually see the space it looks smaller than on the plans so another small panic attack on my part!


We are now thinking of putting in vertical garden walls to cover the whole back northern wall and also a vertical garden wall outside the long kitchen window. The total area of garden wall will be about 30m so we need to get it right! It will create a mass of green without taking up too much space which is what we are looking for.

The wall along the rear  of the block and next to the pool will have some plants totally in shade (pool pergola) and on either side they will get part shade and part sun so I am going to have to do quite a bit of research to get the right plants.

PHOTO: JEFF HIGGINBOTHAM All rights reserved.

I did find a great link  to help me along the way –

The dianellas would look great as they have that flowing over the pot effect and wouldn’t have lots of tiny little leaves falling into the pool.

Dianella silverstar


We are thinking of planting mainly  herbs outside the kitchen window . Would love to have something like this growing outside my kitchen window – imagine the perfume.

herb wall garden 2

herb wall garden


I couldn’t resist this bathroom green wall – it won’t be happening in our place but I think it is beautiful.

bathroom wall garden

I do love the vertical wall gardens of succulents and they seem to be pretty hardy but they obviously need lots of sun.

succulent wall garden


My little attempt at  vertical garden



My bowls of succulents
  • 20141204_070612
    My pots of jasmine

    Of course if all else fails I will grow one of my favourites on the walls – jasmine.

Pinterest is proving to be almost as good for me as my meditation and deep breathing lol 🙂


6 comments on “Roofing, rendering and green walls

  1. What would we do without Pinterest? It’s so great for home builders. You’ve probably noticed that I’m keenly following your vertical garden pins. I also have a full-shade wall (outside our scullery window) that I want to have as a vertical garden, so once again I’m glad to be behind you on our schedule. I recently stayed at a B&B that had a stunning vertical garden that included orchids. I’m going to have to read up on them. Your vertical garden is lovely. Have you used good ol’ milk crates? (BTW your roof and render look excellent.)

  2. Follow closely then Jo as I am on a mission lol.
    Orchids would be stunning but I’m not sure they would tolerate the coastal conditions at our place. A great idea though and I imagine them mixed up with ferns would look beautiful and very cooling so I will look into it aswell.
    Yes good old milk crates were used for the above but the vertical wall garden in the new place will be done with a proper structure of posts and wire. I will keep you posted.

  3. The roof is colourbond Dune and the fascia is Surfmist.
    The main render colour is Dulux Whitsunday Island (I really like this colour)
    We are having a feature render colour in Dulux Candlebark so I hope I like that as much and it is a good match. 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t have picked your roof for Dune, from the photo I thought it looked like surfmist! Those colours look great, the whitsunday island is very nice.

    I love the idea of green walls but I’ve always been wary about potential maintenance, as I heard on Sabrina Hahn’s gardening show that she replaces her plants every 3 months – seems excessive to me. I love the idea of using herbs on a green wall, and the idea of orchids and ferns sounds divine! That would be perfect outside our ensuite. I shall be following closely too 🙂

    And what would we do without Pinterest, I think it’s helped to keep me sane throughout this process, and not to waste money on magazines!

    • It is surprising how different colours look in different light. It was Dune on our selection so I’m assuming that’s what it is! I’m really happy with the colours so far.
      Gosh Trixee I do hope that isn’t the case as we are looking for a low maintenance garden and certainly wouldn’t want to be changing pots every 3 months! You see lots of enormous green walls and I can’t imagine they change pots every few months but thanks for the heads up and I will keep researching. We are trialling some hanging pots using Josh Byrnes ‘soil recipe’ so will keep you posted. 🙂

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