A quick progress update

Things are progressing along very nicely and I am happy to say we are running ahead of our ‘current’ schedule for the first time so that is definitely something to get excited about.
The plasterer has done a fantastic job (again) and has almost finished the downstairs.


The entrance is looking very open and spacious.


We added a niche to the entance area which looks great – I’m now planning on what to put there.


The framework has gone in for the dropped ceiling in the kitchen, scullery and some of the front rooms.


We also heard from our builder today that he has scheduled the windows to go in on the 18th and lock up downstairs – a nice b’day pressie for me!


4 comments on “A quick progress update

  1. Great progress! It’s so interesting to see how they build double storeys in WA. If I had a choice, I would choose double brick over brick veneers! Although I’d imagine the build time would be a lot longer. How the builder given you an estimate handover date?

  2. They certainly build solid houses here with the double brick but of course it is a lot more expensive and takes a lot longer to build. Our actual build time from siteworks until handover will be about 15 months.
    Our builder has software which shows us that handover is currently scheduled for late April and so we are working towards that.
    Life is a little bit hectic as we are running around packing and prepping our current home to sell next month, organising Christmas at our place with 18 guests and have two lots of visitors arriving over the next month. I am looking forward to some glasses of bubbles 🙂

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