Festive flurry of activity


We have had a flurry of activity over the last few weeks leading up to the Christmas break and it has been great! I love going to the block to see the tradies utes outside and busy tradies inside.

Well, what has been done?

The brickies finished off the bits and bobs around the house such as the balcony wall, the niche and underneath the stairs.

My gorgeous nephew giving us some building tips!
Balcony wall

The rendering and plastering is finished and what a difference that makes – the house is looking very light and spacious and I am over my concerns about it being too dark.

The ceiling guys have installed the ceilings – a neighbour informed me that they worked until 7 pm on some evenings.

Kitchen bulkhead
Plaster and ceilings in family living area

The plumber has been back and moved the shower in the ensuite and installed piping for water to a fridge in the scullery (an afterthought by us).


Jason Windows have intalled some more windows and we are very happy with the grey tint on the glass. Not quite the lock up we had all hoped for butI am happy things are progressing well.

2014-12-18 17.26.44
Yoga room sliding glass door

The tiler has been in and marked up around the house. Our builder has told us that the tiles have been ordered for delivery and the tiler is hoping to work through the Christmas break – woo hoo!


Tiler’s sand for screeding

Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

The tiler has been in and marked


4 comments on “Festive flurry of activity

  1. Thank you – I think they will good with the glass balustrading and the lights in the wall. It will be nice not to have creaking wooden stairs anymore lol 🙂

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