Tiling and bits and bobs

I am afraid I haven’t  been  very good with my blog recently so my apologies. We have had  quite a bit going on closer to home and I just haven’t  been  able to get my act together until now! To be perfectly  honest the progress at the block seems depressingly slow at times and we get quite frustrated but  I am slightly  reassured that this is par for the course with building and most people go through this.
We still don’t have ‘lock up’. Jason Windows delivered the rest of the frames last week and I got very excited …………..


The schedule was showing installation  for Monday 9th Feb and I was thrilled to  see some of the frames installed on the Friday 6th



BUT, that is as far as we have got! This is the part that causes the frustration  as jobs seem to start and stop and you wait for completion.
There has however been some good progress  with the tiling and that is keeping me smiling ☺
My better half was very impressed by the screeding and the preparation  for the tiling which has made us feel confident  it will be  a job well done.


This is probably  one of the biggest jobs in the house as there is over 600 sqm of tiling and so it is something that has been playing on my mind. I have been quite anxious about my choice in tile and so it was  a huge relief  today seeing the tiles down over quite a big area. It got the thumbs up from both of us. Hopefully  you will agree.



Our tiler and his partner are Korean and seem to be very conscientious and very particular. He has told us that our job will take about 4 weeks by which time I am hoping the windows will be in!
We are now looking at handover at the beginning  of  May but I am not feeling very confident that the house will be ready then as there is still A LOT to do.


6 comments on “Tiling and bits and bobs

  1. 600m2 of tiling! That’s quite a lot, you house must be massive 🙂 It’s looking great, everything seems to be coming along nicely.

  2. Ha ha it’s not huge Trixee – it’s just that we are tiling almost everywhere! I am looking for the easy life and low maintenance so we decided on tiles and will then throw down rugs to soften and warm the area up.

  3. What colour are your Jason Window frames? We had to switch from Stegbar to Jason as our window supplier due to Stegbar not being able to supply a couple of the windows as per plan. Hard flooring is a god send! If it wasn’t for my husband insisting on the bedrooms having carpet, all my house would be hard flooring too. House is coming together well!

  4. Thanks Lauren.
    I think the frames from Jason windows are called silver lustre Lauren.
    It is my husband who is very keen to only have tiles in the house -we lived in the tropics in fully tiled homes and it was great. I hope it won’t be too cold here.

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