Ups and downs

We’ve  had a roller coaster few weeks in more ways than one and so once again I have been very slow to post on my blog. Our focus has been concentrated on our family and the build has certainly seemed far less important recently. Each day I learn to appreciate the importance of good health and my beautiful family and friends ☺

We have had an offer on our current home which is a huge relief – it is subject to the sale of their property  so fingers crossed that it all works out.

Our tiling has been going full steam ahead and the upstairs is now completed. I did hold my breath as I went to look at the fully tiled bathroom but it got the thumbs up from everyone.

Thank goodness we love the full height tiling!
Thank goodness we love the full height tiling!

The stairs have also been finished and once again I am so grateful to our tiling crew who are doing a fantastic job. We had planned on having a stainless steel strip on each tread to finish it off but our tiler suggested having them mitred which is much more difficult  and more time consuming but gives a lovely seamless look. We have gone for the mitred edge and we are thrilled with it. The only downside on this is that it isn’t  quite as hard wearing  as the metal strip.

Stairs with mitred edge
Stairs with mitred edg

2015-02-20 17.41.50

So while the tiling is progressing well we are becoming increasingly  frustrated by the lack of progress elsewhere. Jason windows have still not returned to finish off installing the rest of the frames and glass. The outside area is stll waiting to have concrete laid (hoping this next week as the mesh was delivered on Friday) and then hopefully they can start the construction of the pool pergola and front walls etc. The electrician  was at the house on Friday installing lights up the stairs, unfortunately  he was having to cut the beautifully  plastered walls as the plastering was done before he had the chance to put the lights in (again more work!). The site itself is looking very messy as the skip was removed a couple of weeks ago and a new one will only be delivered once the outside concrete is down. I think our neighbours are not enjoying having a building  site next to them.

Anyway, enough of my moaning – i hope my next blog will be more positive ☺


6 comments on “Ups and downs

  1. I’ve definitely been guilty of getting too caught up in the build at the expense of everything else. Fortunately it doesn’t take much to bring me back to earth and I realise it’s only a house after all.

    Yay for the sale of the house. And the tiling is looking fantastic! Love the bathroom! Hopefully your builder pull their finger out and you see more progress.

  2. Thank you Sheilzy.
    I have definitely been caught up in the building “stuff’ – I dream of bricks and landscaping lol but life throws us these curve balls just to put the focus back on what is really important 🙂

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