Check, check and check again!

Now I thought we were very thorough with our plans and that we couldn’t  possibly have missed anything but we did! Fortunately  they haven’t  been  biggies and we could have changed them (for a price and some stuffing around).

The north facing window behind the sink in the kitchen we had just assumed looking at the plans was a sliding window but when it was installed we realised it was fixed. The scullery window was the same. We checked our plans and saw that we had missed this. We would have preferred  both to be sliders but fortunately  there is good cross flow in both areas and we decided  to leave them fixed and avoid the additional cost and delays.

North facing fixed kitchen window- blip!
North facing fixed kitchen window- blip
Fixed scullery window – blip 2!

Ensuite shower niche – this was on our initial wish list and looked like it was on the plans but somehow  got overlooked on the build. As soon as our  shower wall went up we queried this and were  told that it had been missed out on the current plans (somehow) but they would cut one out as it is a double leaf brick wall. Our builder has been good with this sort of thing and quite happy to ‘sort it out’ which makes life a lot easier.

shower main ensuite
shower main ensuite

Front entrance door – looked good on plans but as soon as we saw the brick work up we realised there would be too much visibility from the road into the house (glass front door). Again our builder was great with this and he suggested extending one of the walls and making a niche in the entrance and this has been a perfect outcome and in fact better than the original  plan.

Niche at front entrance
Niche at front entrance

We have made very few changes during our build so far which is what we had hoped to achieve.  We added a water connection in the scullery for the fridge (all ready have one in the kitchen so maybe overkill but easier and cheaper to do it at this stage).

We have watched some builds progess so slowly and with major cost involved because there were so many variations and so with this in mind we spent a lot of time in the planning and design of our place. With what we hope is only 2-3 months left on our build I am quietly optimistic  that we will achieve our goal of no variations or just a few!


4 comments on “Check, check and check again!

  1. I can empathise Deb. I thought I’d looked over the plans a million times and knew all the deets back to front, I was horrified when it dawned on me that I’d overlooked the cladding profile in the balcony! Lucky you have a builder who are flexible to accommodating changes. I love the fixed windows to the kitchen and scullery. It’s coming along nicely😄

  2. Your post prompts me to contact our builder to see what would be involved to use our under stairs space for storage. An opportunity I missed earlier on… It crossed my mind earlier on, but I was trying to minimise changes. Now I see the stairs it seems such a waste not to do it. We are having a glass front door too, because I really want the light. I hope I don’t regret it…. Your builder sounds accommodating. Please remind me which company it is.

    • I am a great believer in that you can never have enough storage Jo. We have storage under the stairs in our current house and it is surprising how much you can fit in that small area that would otherwise be wasted space. Needless to say there is a lot of ‘stuff ‘ in there that I am sure will get chucked out when we move!
      Our bulder is Homes by Dalessio – here is the website if you want to check it out.☺

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