Sneak preview of our stone tops

Love, love, love the new stone tops and here are a few quick happy shots to show you ……………………

Kitchen island Essastone Basalto
Kitchen island Essastone Basalto
Kitchen back bench Essastone Bone white
Kitchen back bench Essastone Bone white
Kitchen island
Kitchen island
Kitchen island overhang
Kitchen island overhang
Scullery Essastone Bone white
Scullery Essastone Bone white
Ensuite Essastone Balsato
Ensuite Essastone Basalto
Upstairs kitchenette Essastone Balsato
Upstairs kitchenette Essastone Basalto

15 comments on “Sneak preview of our stone tops

  1. It looks great Deb, love your selections! And the overhang looks great. I’m intrigued by your bathroom basins, what brand are they?

  2. Thank you Trixee – I always seem to be keeping my fingers crossed that we’ve got it right when we have made selections.
    i really like the basins – they are made by ADP and are called Fiore vessel bowl ☺

    • Thanks Deb! I checked out their website but they only seem to have a mobile number and gmail account as a contact point. Did you see these in a showroom somewhere?

  3. You can see them in the Renovators Hub in Osborne Park. All our fittings were ordered through Rece plumbing in Osborne Park as that is who our builder uses. ☺

  4. Thank you happylaughs – I appreciate the lovely comments.
    It doesn’t feel quite fast enough for us at the moment as we head towards settlement on our current home but I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  5. The ensuite combo of tiles, bench tops and tiles is a winner. Those tiles really were a great pick. I can’t get over your kitchen space and with all those drawers! It just keeps looking bigger.

  6. Oh my word, your house is looking amazing Deb! Love the kitchen stone and the overhang is fantastic. You can’t be too far away from keys. Yay😄

  7. Thank you Sheilzy – i love having these very supportive blogging friends ☺
    We are keeping our fingers crossed for handover early May to tie in with our house settlement. It is a hive of activity at the block with sparky, carpenters and plumbers so I am feeling a little bit more optimistic 😊

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