Well organised wardrobes

small closet ... This right here makes my heart happy  :) I love organization!

The fit out of our robes is one of the few things that we have decided to do ourselves rather than putting it under the builder’s umbrella. Our original  plan was to have the builder install a basic fit out to the minor bedrooms, yoga and study which would include a simple rail and one shelf  but we have since rethought this idea and decided to get them fitted out properly. We always planned the house so there would be a lot of flexibilty with rooms and the study and/or yoga room could be used as bedrooms and visa versa. We will now have built in shelving and hanging in all these rooms. All the robes will have sliding doors with a mirror and a white kote door (the yoga will have 2 white kote and a mirror door due to the 2.6 m width.

Layout for study, yoga and bedroom 4
Layout for study, yoga and bedroom 4
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4 approx. 0.6 x 2260
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3 approx. 1.1 x 1640

The robe in bedroom 3 has been a real pain with its awkward shape (1.1 x 1640). We ended up with this size because we needed to locate the airconditioning ducting in this area. We’ve thrown around a few ideas but unfortunately haven’t  been  able to make better use of space so any ideas are welcome.

perfect walk in closet

I do feel very lucky to have a big walk through robe in our main bedroom and it has allowed us a lot of flexibility. We like to keep  things fairly simple and so the biggest thing on our wish list was lots of hanging space. Looking though the drawings again I am thinking of adding a bit more full length hanging space. We also wanted to try and have 2 almost identical areas (his and hers although I fully intend to use more than my fair share lol). The the east and west wall measure 3.7m and the north and south walls 2.2m. There will be sliding doors (2 white glass Kote and 1 mirror) on the eastern wall as this is the one that you see looking through into the en suite.  We will leave the other areas open.

Main bedroom walk thru robe - eastern wall which will have sliding doors
Main bedroom walk thru robe – eastern wall which will have sliding doors
Main bedroom robe western wall layout
Main bedroom robe western wall layout 3.7m
Main bedroom robe - south wall layout
Main bedroom robe – south wall layout 2.2m
Main bedroom robe - northern wall layout
Main bedroom robe – northern wall layout 2.2m
Layout for bedroom robes
Layout for bedroom robes

We had intended installing  the Ikea Pax system in our main bedroom robe and also in our large pantry. My better half is a very handy man and is very familiar with this furniture having installed it in our current  pantry and activity room. We were very surprised to find that the quote we got to custom fit the robes and pantry was not much more than doing it ourselves so it was a no brainer for us – a lot less stressful and the fit out will be custom made..

PAX Wardrobe IKEA 10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

The pantry in our new place is approx 3m x 2.5m and we intend to have adjustable shelving in here.

Walk in pantry no kitchen should be without one of these.
Scullery shelving
Shelving in the scullery

{the vintage wren} LOVE the simplistic shelving in this pantry... the glass jars and baskets really make it. & I have already a large collection of jars (tick) & a growing collection of wicker baskets (tick)...

Hopefully this will be installed before handover so that we can just move straight in!

Don't like colours, but layout is great with shoe racks on left, maybe mirrors and more hanging space on right (on the way to the ensuite

4 comments on “Well organised wardrobes

  1. It looks like you have plenty of storage options, how wonderful! We’re getting ours done after handover too. We recently installed a built-in robe in our current place and like you, were pleasantly surprised to find that the custom made option was cheaper than the DIY one. I love the white glass door, I think we’ll be getting that in our new place too. Your inspiration pics are great, must check out that Closet World site more thoroughly.

  2. Thanks Trixee.
    It was quite a surprise to find out that it would be pretty much the same price to get the custom made option.
    I do like the white glass . I believe there is a new one out which gives a very white colour but costs a bit more. We are just going for the normal one as money is flying out the door at the moment lol.
    Hope the Easter bunny visits you tomorrow 🙂

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