Window dressing – curtains, blinds and shutters

I have been looking forward to  this part of the process and I’ve been inspired by the many talented bloggers  and the many magazines that I’ve trawled  through. There is so much choice in fabric and styles and I did think we might be a little bit overwhelmed by the process but in the end it was very easy and I think this is because we have kept it very simple in our new home (hopefully it won’t be too simple and plain!)

We decided to get Beachside Blinds and Curtains to come and look and do a quote for us having seen and admired their work in a Riverstone display home.

Craig met us at the house and we did a walk through discussing what we wanted to achieve. We looked at privacy, light, thermal insulation etc.

Our louvred windows in the dining/family area have proved to be a bit of a challenge as I had it in my mind to put up a simple blind  but this won’t work as there is not enough room for the blind to drop down over the louvres. Our only option here is to have curtains and we are still debating this and think we will move in and see how we go.

Dining lourvre windows
Dining louvre windows

We had initially thought we would leave the very large back windows and sliders in the family room (approx. 8m) without window treatments but after discussing this and looking at the thermal side (cold in winter) we have decided to have a high mounted track with wave heading curtains here.

Family room windows and slider
Family room windows and slider

After visiting several display homes we had decided that we really liked curtains with the wave heading and felt it would suit our style of house. I did have it in my mind that we would get sheers but as always these things change when you start to look! We have gone for a very simple choice in fabric and kept it pretty much the same throughout. Our bedroom will be the only room with a different fabric. We chose Sekers fabrics as loved the colours and quality. All the curtains will be high mounted and  sit flush with the floor.
silent-gliss -wave-curtain

Our bedroom will have a high mounted track with a wave curtain running across the whole width of the window and wall approx 4.8m wpid-wp-1423728053427.jpeg We have stuck with the grey palette and gone for Jove taupe which I loved. I was very tempted to use this in our family room area but my better half preferred a plainer design for that area.

Jove Taupe - Sekers fabrics

All the upstairs rooms including bedrooms and our downstairs living will be done in Chino Grey Ghost and to be honest the pictures don’t do it justice. It was a beautiful simple fabric that I think will fall beautifully and the colour was a perfect match with our tile.
  We are having white timber shutters installed in the highline windows in the upstairs bedrooms and the upstairs living room.
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highlight window
highlight window upstairs family room
highlight window bedroom 4
highlight window bedroom 4

The yoga, study and kitchen windows will have a simple roller blind. All our windows have a grey tint on them so we are quite private during daylight hours and we have chosen fabrics and designs to give us the privacy when it is dark. I am looking forward to seeing the curtains and blinds installed as I think it will really soften the house.

We did learn that you should be considering very early on in your design phase if you wish to put in ceiling mounted tracks as we found out too late that these couldn’t be installed with the cornices.  We also needed to have the PIR detectors moved from the wall and mounted on the ceiling so that our high curtain tracks wouldn’t interfere with the detectors.

wave curtain

8 comments on “Window dressing – curtains, blinds and shutters

  1. Deb we are on the same wavelength! I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post on window furnishing if I can find the time! It seems all my spare time is spent on the phone or in meetings with wardrobe and window treatment peeps. Decisions decisions decisions! Love your selections 😄

    • I do know what you mean as there does seem to be a lot of running around even when you think you have it all under control. Yesterday we had to make a dash to get some samples for our glass splashbacks as we weren’t comfortable with our original choice. Fortunately we found something we both liked 🙂
      Enjoy making your decisions – I will be looking out for your post now! 🙂

  2. Lovely choices! I adore the fabrics you have chosen. The options for window dressings are quite a minefield. I think it’s smart to stay simple. The louvre situation is tricky. They are often used in tropical places where I think they are usually left undressed. How long will your shutters and curtains take to be ready?

  3. I remember having louvres in Darwin and Townsville and most of them didn’t have anything on them. I thought privacy might be an issue for us with these windows but willl just wait and see how we go.
    It is a mine field Jo but I took my better half with me who wasn’t into browsing at hundreds of fabrics so decisions were made pretty quickly lol. To be honest Craig had all ready collected some samples for us to look at and he was spot on with colours etc so that was a huge help.
    I believe the blinds take about 12 weeks and I think the curtains a few weeks so they should be ready before handover.
    I will e mail you with all the info if you are interested 🙂

  4. Window treatments are something that I’m putting off thinking about for now, though I have a vague idea of what I want.

    Your fabric selection looks great, I especially like the Jove, it looks like it has a nice drape to it. Like you, I’m also looking at the wave heading. I’ve been struggling a little with what to put on the highlights windows, glad to hear you’re having plantation shutters as that is what I was thinking too.

    I’m unsure why the ceiling track can’t be mounted with cornices, is it just that the cornice will be in the way so they can’t get close enough to the window?

  5. I loved the Jove Trixee and I think it will look lovely hanging.
    I believe that it is difficult to get the track close enough to the window with the cornices.
    I was very unsure what to put up on the highlight windows but we came to the conclusion that the plantation shutters were the best option for here. I had considered a roller blind but in our case we felt it wouldn’t work. How’s your job going? 🙂

  6. Oh shame it does get very frustrating waiting for things to happen but on a positive note it has given you a chance to catch your breath and all this rain is great for the gardens and our dams. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine next week ☺

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