A hive of activity with busy bees

We have had a very productive week at our place and work has been progressing along well despite all the rain. The brickies made the most of a few hours of sunshine on Wednesday to finish rendering the courtyard wall and managed to finish the rest of the raised beds and pillars today when the sun came out.

2015-04-10 17.57.39
Rendered west facing courtyard wall
Rendered courtyard wall
Rendered courtyard wall

Mean while inside the house has been a hive of activity with carpenters, plumbers, tilers and electricians all working around each other. The tiling is being finished off in a few small areas otherwise that big job is almost complete.

The sparky has been buzzing around installing our LED lighting and some of the covers for gpos. I’m  not  sure  if  I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that we had decided to change all the high visibility switches to  the Clipsal Saturn from the white clipsal slimline – not cheap but loved the look of them and decided it was worth the extra $.

 We also hadn’t  appreciated the finesse involved in positioning your down lights so we spent a bit of time with our sparky deciding where to put the (12)downlights in the living area and outside (8)alfresco.
2015-04-12 15.47.38
Downlights in living area
We also looked at where the 3 kitchen pendants would go above the kitchen island (not too difficult as the sparky had all ready placed them where he thought and we agreed). The rest of the house was on the plan and the sparky didn’t  need any help from us.
Kitchen lighting
Kitchen lighting

The rest of the cornices have been installed in the wet areas.

Cornices bathroom
Cornices bathroom

These guys have also been busy installing the skirting and I am so surprised how quickly this stuff goes in.  

2015-04-10 17.01.29

The carpenter has installed nearly all the internal doors apart from the garage one. I am very happy with the feature door from the entrance area into our family/dining area which is the Corinthian RIMM door with Translucent glass.

Feature door RIMM
Feature door RIMM

All our doors are lovely and high and create a real feeling of spaciousness.

Motive MOTP 2V
•2340 x 870 x 35*


Internal doors Motive
Internal doors Motive

The carpenter has also been busy installing the cedar lining on the eaves and alfresco area and this will be extended out to the skillion roof pergola over the pool so it all links in.

Cedar lining under eaves and alfresco
Cedar lining under eaves and alfresco

The lovely green garden that you can see is next doors.The old wooden fence has just been pulled down and a new colourbond one is about to be installed.

The walk in linen shelving has been completed and I am actually quite excited about having so much space after the small cupboard that I currently have. I did suggest to my better half that I could buy some more linen to fill it up – I got some eye rolling in response!

Ground floor linen
Ground floor linen
Upper floor linen
Upper floor linen – left a space for brooms, mops etc

All the window sills have been completed and really finish off the windows. These are 170mm x 30mm painted MDF with  a bullnosed edge. I shudder to think how they managed the highlight windows over the stairs!

Highlight window sill in upper floor bedroom
Highlight window sill in upper floor bedroom
Highlight windowsills above the stairs
Highlight windowsills above the stairs

With all this activity I am really beginning to think we MIGHT get handover next month 🙂


8 comments on “A hive of activity with busy bees

  1. Wow Deb its looking great. So good to see it all the finishings going together.
    Love the light switches. We have been looking at installing these also with some lighting automation.
    We are however a long way off!
    Good luck with getting hand over next month 😊

    • Thank you – it is exciting seeing it all come together.
      We saw the Clipsal Saturn switches in a friend’s new build and liked them so much we had to have them !!
      Your place is going to look amazing 🙂

  2. My head is spinning from all that progress! You should totally buy more linen 🙂 It’s great that you were able to be on site with the sparkie to get the positioning perfect.

  3. Yay Deb! A great update. It looks very flash. The finishes are starting to show the style of your home. I know I’m going to love your bathroom in particular. The cedar eaves and feature door are great details. Makes all the difference.

  4. Thank you Jo.
    It is good seeing it all come together but It is still very much a building site and once the furnishings are in I think it will begin to feel like our home.
    I liked your comment about the bathroom as that is one of my favourite rooms so I’m also looking forward to seeing it finished and enjoying a glass of bubbles in my bubble bath 🙂

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