Plumbing – including the kitchen sink

 Things are moving along so rapidly at our place that I am struggling to keep up to date so there will be less words and more pics (lucky for you as this writing lark is definitely not my thing). I’m afraid the photos aren’t great and I will post some better/clearer ones soon. 🙂

I got very excited when I saw boxes delivered last week including a very large one which I knew must contain our freestanding bath. 2015-04-08 17.34.02

I have been waiting with baited breath to see them unpacked and installed and fortunately it has been a very short wait. So here are our plumbing  goodies ………

2015-04-15 12.21.12
Ensuite basin ADP Fiore with Vito Bertoni Merito wall mounted mixer
Ensuite freestanding bath
Ensuite freestanding bath kado lure
Freestanding bath
Freestanding bath -looking forward to my bubble bath ☺
Bath spout
 Phoenix Flow Sleek Wall Bath Outlet
Ensuite rain shower
Ensuite rain shower Nikles Pearl
Shower in bathrooms
Shower in bathrooms Vito Bertoni Eco combination shower rail

We woud have preferred these to be installed slightly lower but to move these now would be a major pain as the holes have been drilled into the tiles so these would need to be replaced. We’ve  decided it’s not worth the hassle as the shower can be used with the flexible hose and adjusted. Just aswell our daughter is almost 6ft!!

Shower in powder room
Shower in powder room
Vanity in upper floor bathroom
Bayo Vanity wall hung in upper floor bathroom
Vanity in GF powder room
Bayo Vanity wall hung in GF powder room – drawers and front still to be installed

It is a strange feeling seeing all these pieces being put into place and your vision turning into a reality.

Kitchen sink
Afa Exact double bowl kitchen sink and  Vito Bertoni Merito Hirise sink mixer
Kitchen sink
Kitchen sink
Upper floor kitchenette
Upper floor kitchenette with Epure round sink and Piatto sink mixer

And can you imagine my delight when I turned the tap and out came water – eureka! ☺


13 comments on “Plumbing – including the kitchen sink

  1. Looking amazing. Nice selections. Really like the tiling in the baths. What are they?
    Also think I notice the mixer to the shower is not right by the rose? Are all your showers walk in/hobless?
    Bring in more pics! 😊

    • Thanks Sandy.
      The tiles are called Ceramica Magica Pepper and are Italian ceramic tiles.

      We got them through Trend Ceramics in Osborne Park – they were ordered about a year ago as I had taken a while to find something that I liked and I was terrified they would be deleted or out of stock by the time we needed them!

      The fitting that you can see in our ensuite shower is for the second shower which is wall mounted and we have a mixer going in at the entrance to the shower on the right hand side. All our showers are walk in/hobless as I have an aversion to cleaning glass lol
      Hopefully my next lot of pics will be a bit better 🙂

  2. Completely dreamy ensuite bathroom. (Can’t do love hearts on my lap top, otherwise there would be a whole row.) Tiles, bath, basins and THAT bath outlet are all perfect!

  3. You have terrific taste in plumbing! I went to Renovators Hub the other day to check out those basins, they are gorgeous! I love your bath outlet, am considering the hob-mounted version myself. Your ceiling-mounted showerhead looks similar to mine, as does your rail shower! Love that you have a big double-bowl kitchen sink too, I’d be happy to do your washing up in that 🙂 Quick question: how long is the shower arm in your ceiling mounted shower?

    • Thanks Trixee – I do love the ensuite basins too. I will get Brian to take the tape measure up to the block this evening and measure the shower arm.
      You are more than welcome to do my washing up lol ☺

      • Thanks Deb, that’d be great! Our ceilings are 31 courses in the shower areas, just want to make sure I get the height right so the water doesn’t get too cold by the time it reaches me!

  4. I agree with everyone, very nice selections Deb 🙂 Love the freestanding bath and the layout. It feels like a luxury spa!

  5. Hope these measurements help Trixee –
    The shower head is 350 mm from ceiling
    and the shower head is 2200 from the floor
    I will let you know once we move in if that works – hopefully the water will still be hot by the time it reaches me!
    If that’s no good or you need more info and we can do another measure ☺

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