Making a grand entrance

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It’s  all about first impressions or so I’ve been told!

fortress-exterior-reveals-open-interiors-surrounding-central-courtyard, Melbourne home- Australian architects.

Our intention has always been to make our home welcoming to family and friends and where better a place to start than in the entry area.We have made this a very open and spacious area – maybe a waste of space to some people but in our minds it was important to have an entrance that made you want to step inside and enjoy.

Front glass pivot door
Front glass pivot door

The installation of our stairs balustrading yesterday has really brought this area together and we are wrapped with the end result.




I can now imagine our furniture and bits and bobs in this space and for the very first time I am really beginning to feel like this is home. Up until this point it has all felt a bit surreal but I think this is because building a home is such a long and involved process you can become a little bit detached from it. The big news is that we now have a move in date – May 13th and so it is all hands on deck!!

2015-04-22 17.08.51

The builder and our supervisor have been doing a great job pushing and pulling tradies over the last few weeks to get the house completed for our move mid May. There have been some hold ups with the roof carpenter for the outdoor pergola and this in turn has led to a delay in completing the pool and the landscaping, We have accepted the fact that external works will be progress when we move in but if we can move straight from our house to the new one it will make life MUCH easier.

18 sleeps to go – fingers crossed!! 🙂


8 comments on “Making a grand entrance

  1. Omg 18 sleeps to go till move in day! How friggin exciting Deb. Your house is looking just beautiful. Can’t wait to see your finishing touches. That first pic is one of my inspiration pics for our entrance. I considered doing 3 pendants in the entrance but I don’t think our ceiling is high enough to pull it off. I love that glass balustrade! So close😄

  2. First up, congratulations on getting a move in date! How exciting that must be! There’s only, what, a couple of weeks? Holey moley! I agree with your approach to the entry, there’s nothing quite like walking into a house and having an “aaah” moment 🙂

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