Counting down -10 sleeps to go!!

I will start by saying that we don’t have an internet service at the moment – while trying to sort out connecting our new place and disconnecting  this place Telstra managed to cut off our current connection 2 weeks early and we are still struggling to get it up and running again so this has meant using my little phone for updates!

Meanwhile things have been happening at the house – the robes have been installed and look great. We used a company based up our way to do this job and they have been excellent. Their prices were very competitive  and they were very easy to deal with.

Main bedroom  robe
Main bedroom robe


Mirror and white glass kote sliders for robe

comand white glass kote sliders for robe

Main bedroom walk in robe
Main bedroom walk in robe

The electrician  has been ticking things off his list –

Extractor fans in bathroom
Extractor fans in bathroom
Lighting  on stairs
Lighting on stairs
stairs lighting
stairs lighting

I’m  hoping that there will be a lot more progress inside this week as there still seems an awful lot to be finished off before we can move in.

It has been good to see things happening outside on the pool pergola as this is an area that is holding up the completion of the pool and the landscaping. The roof carpenters were  very busy on Thurs and Frid  installing the pergola roof.

Skillion roof pool pergola
Skillion roof pool pergola
Pool pergola
Pool pergola

The painters have started sealing the outside rendered walls and hope to finish the painting by Thursday ☺

The next big job will be the exposed aggregate driveway and then it is all starting to come together. I hope my next photos will show these jobs completed  😊😊


13 comments on “Counting down -10 sleeps to go!!

  1. Typical Telstra! I think we’d be very very annoyed (understatement) if they did that to us, hubby works from home quite a bit. But not long to go now, it’s great that they’re motoring along and getting things done. Wardrobe looks great, the million dollar question is, who did you get to do it?

    • Sorry Trixee – in my rush to publish this post I completely forgot to add this -so typical of me!
      We used Canterbury Robes based in Wangara. They have been excellent to deal with – very competively priced and very easy to deal with. I am so glad we went with them rather than our original thought of doing DIY Ikea.
      As for the Telstra thing – we are not happy Jan!!!
      Have a great and productive week ☺

      • Canterbury Robes, good to know! I like to get quotes from more than 1 place, I know Lifestyle are very competitive but I wanted at least another one to compare them to. Thanks!

    • I’m hoping for a much more productive day tomorrow as there was no one on site today and with only 6 more working days left I am feeling slightly stressed!

  2. I was one who was also wanting to know about the robes! They look great. We have a lot of robe style shelving to be done in our place. The whole house looks fantastic Deb. You must be so pleased.

  3. Exciting countdown! Love the robes 🙂 we haven’t got ours done and all clothes are still in boxes haha

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