Behind the curtain


A little peep behind our curtains to show you what has been happening over the last week. I have to say I was feeling very apprehensive about our move to our new home as you spend a long time (2 + yrs in our case) with planning, design, building and then moving and I had built up such high expectations  of our dream home that I was beginning to worry that it might not meet my expectations  but I am so relieved that living here is even better than I/we had imagined. I have had to pinch myself several times over the last few days as do feel like I am living in a dream. One of my favourite rooms is our ensuite – i really do love this space.



The design is perfect for us and we are really enjoying the flow of the house. The kitchen is a dream to cook in and I have loved getting stuck into cooking again and lovely aromas of baking and slow cooked winter meals have been wafting through the house.

We moved in on a very wet and wild WA  weekend and so  were able to rain test the house – a couple of gutters have needed to be upgraded as they struggled with the downpour. The temporary  plastic bag downpipes have been replaced with the real thing now.


We have had a bad leak in the study which had nothing to do with the rain but was due to a leak in the upstairs toilet plumbing. It has been a difficult issue to resolve and has involved several visits from the plumber. – The leak has improved greatly but there is still a small leak so this needs to get sorted asap as it has caused a bit of damage to the ceiling- not really something you want in a brand new home.This damage will need to be fixed once the plumbing is sorted and the area dried.


Our curtains and blinds were installed a few days ago and look great. They make a huge difference in finishing off the windows and softening the rooms.



The kitchen splash backs were finished off today after some sections had to be changed due to a mistake with the measurements.   This was another hold my breath moment as I waited to see if the extent and colour would work.. It got the thumbs up ☺There is still some finishing off with the splashbacks around the edges which we didnt initially notice. We have picked up quite a few things that will need sorting out and have a punch list which I am hoping the builder will get sorted promptly. It has been a very busy week with tradies coming and going constantly so I hope this pace is maintained.


Scullery splashback
Scullery splashback


The aggregate is due to get prepped and poured next week which we will be very relieved to have ticked off as we have had several delays with this and it is holding up the landscaping, pool etc It is also a real pain living on a sand dune and I could do with a hovercraft to get into the garage lol.

There are still lots of boxes to unpack and we are gradually emptying out our storage  unit that we hired in Jan. I think I shall be donating quite a bit more ‘stuff’ to the charities as I had forgotten  how much we have and I haven’t  missed most of it.

I will keep you posted on developments in between my unpacking. Have a great weekend ☺


8 comments on “Behind the curtain

  1. Congratulations Deb, it must be such a relief to finally be enjoying the fruits of your labour. I love your ensuite, it looks so luxurious and resort-like. All that space! It’s all looking so beautiful. I love how your dog seems to have made himself at home on the bed 😉 Nice quilt cover, by the way. Love the curtains, really like the wave S-fold pleats, and it really does stack back very neatly. Your sliding stackers seem to be the same width as ours, so that’s good for me to see it in real life, so to speak. That pool is going to be amazing!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments Trixee.
    I am looking forward to the pool and landscaping being finished. I am really missing not having a garden and my fresh herbs.
    My little dog is making himself right at home lol
    Your turn will be here before you know it☺

  3. How nice to be in! The curtains look fab. Good choice. I’m glad to see the colour looks so good with your dark wood dining table. I may have a similar combo since we have a Jarrah dining table and chairs. Good to have the weather test now while the builders are still on their toes.

  4. I can see why you love your ensuite. It looks so luxe! Congratulations on moving in. Your curtains look amazing. I’m going for a similar style. Good to hear your builder are addressing the issues that have cropped up😄

  5. I’m in love with your cutains Deb! We’ve purchase grey curtians from Ikea and installed it on a ceiling track to achieve the same effect for our room but I still have to hem them to be this perfect!

  6. Loving your ensuite, kitchen and everything else!!! Well done. I know the exact feelings you are going through. I just wish I would stop cleaning and going mad on the kids just for touching something!

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