Exposed aggregate

Woo hoo never have I been so happy to see a pile of concrete!


It was a very early 6am start after a very late finish to the prep yesterday evening. The concrete guys have been on the ball – they picked  up plumbing that hadn’t  been done on the pool (this would have been a nightmare if we had the aggregate poured and then had to smash it up to sort it out!) This involved lots of phone calls yesterday  afternoon and a couple of plumbers to came rushing around. They were all working with torches and lights to get the job ready for todays pour so well done lads ☺

There is certainly a lot more to this than I had realised!

East side
Formwork on pool
Working with torches and lights!
First pour
Pool area



No need to 4WD into the garage anymore lol ☺


6 comments on “Exposed aggregate

  1. I am looking forwad to having our home to ourselves but have a few more wks to go as still got landscaping, pool and our builders punch list. I’m still smiling and keeping relatively sane with all the coming and going ☺

  2. Thanks for the link, I shall add them to my shortlist! I assume you’re happy with the result? Must have been quite a sight with those torches flashing about. The colour looks great.

    • I will post some more pics over the wk end Trixee.
      We are very happy with the work these guys have done. Have found them very thorough and hard working. I think there are a few cowboys out there so I’m glad we got this lot as we had 165 sqm laid. They have been hard at it for the past 3 days and back tomorrow and then next wk for sealing.
      Enjoy your long wk end – I’ve no doubt you will be checking out your place ☺

  3. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but beautiful concrete! More details please. I’m having trouble getting anyone to quote for cobblestone driveway – obviously there is way too much work around. I might need some beautiful concrete at this rate.

  4. Lol we are very happy with it Jo and were very impressed by the company/guys doing the job as found them very thorough and hard working. They are back again tomorrow morning (Sat & long wk end) so I’m impressed.
    They have 2 sites –
    They were recommended by our pool company as they are one of the few concrete companies that will take the concrete up to the pool.
    Worth having a look at 🙂

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