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I have been meaning to do a follow up post on landscaping for a while but time has got away from me and now that the landscaping has just started (paving and screening) and the rest will be underway next week  I thought it was about time I got my act together and posted part 2.  I was like a kid in a candy shop the day that we went with Nic from Landscaping WA to view and select plants for our new home. We ended up changing our landscaping design slightly and chose quite a few different plants from the original  plan. I really like the way that our landscapers get your input and involve you in the process of plant selection. We found it very helpful and informative visiting the various nurseries with Nic and being able to look at our options and discuss suitability and merits of the different plants/trees.

Front landscape design
Front landscape design
Rear landscape design
Rear landscape design

Our first stop was Benara Nursery and this place is HUGE with an enormous variety of plants ranging from seedlings through to large advanced trees.

great use of grasses

We then visited Ellenby Trees to select trees for the garden. We selected two Agonis Flexuosa for our front verge. This was on my better half’s  wish list and as it was the only thing that he had really been keen to have I gave up on my idea of olives.

australian willow myrtle | agonis flexuosa

We also selected two Eucalyptus Caesia  ‘Silver Princess’ and these will be planted in the courtyard. We wanted to try and use as many native bird attracting  plants as possible to create a lush environment. These trees have a beautiful  weeping form and stunning flowers.

Image result for eucalyptus caesia silver princess

Image result for eucalyptus caesia silver princess

We were looking for a speciman tree for the bed at the entrance to the house – we had initially gone with a Magnolia Teddy Bear but I keep seeing these everywhere at the moment and thought it would be nice to have a tree that would ‘stand out’ a bit more. We settled on the Crepe Myrtle which looks stunning with it’s changing foliage and beautiful flowers. The Crepe Myrtle are pretty hardy and will hopefully   tolerate our conditions and look stunning.

Our final stop was Tony & Son’s  and this was probably my favourite nursery. We looked at espalier lemons to grow against the wooden screening near the shed. They have a very good selection of healthy looking trees and plants here and most of our plants will come from this nursery including the Viburnum and Strelitzia.

Viburnum hedge eastern fence and courtyard

The courtyard will also have a lower border of Callistemon Little John.

Callistemon Little John border in courtyard

The new wooden screening in the courtyard will have wires installed for the Trachelospermum jasminoides to grow up – ooooh the perfume ☺


Lush grass and the water feature will finish off this area.

I think that I must be enjoying this landscaping a bit too much as I’ve  decided to do posts for the different areas in our garden so keep your eyes peeled for the pool and front verge landscaping  posts to follow 😊


9 comments on “Lovely Landscaping

  1. I look forward to all the details! Thanks for the recommendation for nurseries and also your landscapers. So smart to go to nurseries together. Silver Princesses are one of my favourites, I must check out if they can handle a bit of wind coming off the canals. (I’ve managed to kill some before, so I’m a bit nervous now.) I see you’ve got your beloved Jasmine organised too. I think planting is the best bit. It makes so much difference and you can do it yourself which is very satisfying.

  2. Thanks Jo – I hope you have some luck with driveway etc.
    I hope that the silver princess can handle the wind too, they will have a little protection in the courtyard but not a lot! I will be testing them for you lol ☺
    I think the landscaping is my favourite part and I am so looking forward to seeing some greeneey instead of sand, sand, everywhere!

  3. PS if/when you come up this way to look at nurseries let me know and if you like we can catch up here for a cuppa and I’ll show you around ☺

  4. I think I’m as obsessed with the landscaping as you are. You have some lovely inspiration pics and choices. I’m also considering a crepe myrtle, they have such a glorious display of flowers. And I’m almost certain I’ll be putting in a silver princess too. I’m pleased (and surprised) that you could go plant shopping with your landscaper, that must have been so much fun!

    • Great minds think alike Trixee ha ha.
      I am so lokking forward to having some plants in my garden and I have really missed my herbs for cooking – hopefully not too long now. ☺

    • Great minds think alike Trixee ha ha. I am so looking forward to having some greenery around and I am really missing all my herbs for cooking but hopefully not too much longer now ☺

  5. I love your selections can’t wait to see them in place! I’m married to my landscaper LOL, my husband is a keen gardener so I’m just leaving that part to the expert. I’ll be setting up the vegie garden though.

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