Relaxed and ready to rock and roll

Ningaloo whale shark  swim
Ningaloo whale shark swim

We took a short break up to Exmouth to swim with the whale sharks and wow what an amazing  experience. We had planned the trip last year in August  thinking we would be well and truly finished with building – I was a little optimistic! A total break from build stuff did us the world of good and we have come back ready to ‘rock and roll’ on what is hopefully the last hurrah.

Ningaloo relaxing with the whale sharks
Ningaloo relaxing with the whale sharks

The guys from Landscapes WA ( have been busy whilst we were away – they painted our Eastern fence in Dulux Grey Ridge and organised temporary  fencing for the pool. Our landscaper suggesting the temporary  fencing as the pool  ‘people’ wanted the pool fencing installed before they would start rendering and filling the pool. We decided that temporary fencing was a good idea as the thought of having glass fencing installed and then the pool people and landscapers trying to work around it was giving me nightmares!

Side fence painted Dulux Grey Ridge
Side fence painted Dulux Grey Ridge
Temporary  fencing
Temporary fencing

The landscaping guys have been busy prepping the garden today by removing rubbish/sand from the raised beds and levelling out various areas. They fininished off the day by sweeping and hosing down where they had been working  – what a bonus having such neat workers around☺


We were supposed to have the pool rendered and filled today but by 11am there was still ‘no show’. I phoned the pool people to find out where they were only to be told they needed a completely  dry day  – ok so when is it scheduled  in now ?? Maybe next Tues or Weds. I have to say I find this lack of communication  and no care attitude is very frustrating. Ready to rock and roll – uuuuuuum maybe a little  bit  optimistic  again. ☺


6 comments on “Relaxed and ready to rock and roll

    • Thanks Jo – the darker colours are great as a backdrop. I notice they use them a lot in landscaping to add depth and create that contrast with the plants. 🙂

  1. What an experience! I haven’t done it myself, a bit nervous to as I’m not a strong swimmer. Ningaloo is beautiful though, must try and get up that way again.
    Good choice on the fence colour – this is what we went with too when we had to replace one of our side fences. 🙂 Landscapers seem to be motoring on! Sad to say but communication is not what most trades are known for. As long as they get it done eventually!

    • Definitely worth ticking off Trixee and I wouldn’t let your swimming abilities put you off as there were people on our trip with a big range of abilities. The company we went with were brilliant and made sure that everyone including weaker swimmers had a great experience.
      The grey ridge is a great colour and I think will look good with the foliage. The darker colours certainly give a bit more depth to the space.
      The end is in sight – I hope!!

  2. Wow what an amazing experience! Lucky you😄

    Your landscapers seem like troopers, love the dark grey fence. Hope the pool renderers eventually turn up and finish the job. Nearly there!

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