Rain, rain go away

Now normally I love hearing the rain here as we don’t  get much of it, but when we heard then saw rain dripping through the kitchen ceiling and onto the floor I was wishing it away!

Angry bear with wet paws!

The leak was caused by a gutter which had supposedly been fixed after leaking a few weeks before but engineer big bear had  been raising concerns with the builder that it hadn’t been fixed (because it was still leaking!) and still needed fixing. To say we were upset when the ceiling started leaking would be an understatement ! It was so disappointing and frustrating to see water running through the ceiling into our brand new and expensive ‘dream kitcehen’.

The ‘gutter guy’ came the following day and spent about 2 mins here putting silicone around the area  – why, oh why wasn’t  this done in the first place or even the second place?????

We had some very heavy rain overnight  and no leaks in the kitchen this morning so fingers crossed it is fixed ☺

In the meantime my yoga room (work in progress! ) is being well used for some deep breathing and relaxation lol





3 comments on “Rain, rain go away

  1. We have a 6 month maintenance period with our build, so if we don’t get a good rain to test out our roof after handover, I think I’d better get the hoses out. Annoying for you, but hopefully it’s a case of third time lucky.

  2. Oh Deb how frustrating, especially after having raised the issue more than once! Hopefully this is the end of it.

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