See through

Frameless glass
Frameless glass

What a difference a pane of glass makes!

Our temporary  fencing was dismantled and our new frameless glass fence installed.

Pool render - Duraquartz 50%

This process was far more involved than I had realised with lots of measuring and drilling to cut  out cores of aggregate for the posts to be fitted and then the heavy panes of glass were very carefully lifting and fitted. This process took from 7.30 in the morning until after 5 and I didn’t  see these guys stop for a break.


We are waiting on one more piece of glass to be fitted and this has to be custom made to fit in with our wonky fence!

We are very happy with the end result.



8 comments on “See through

    • Ha ha Jo – not likely!
      The solar pool heating was installed today but until that is turned off winter mode I don’t think I will be dipping my toes in!

  1. Hey Deb, don’t have a dog do you? Our daft mutt went through our glass fencing at our old place twice – once the day before we moved out! Looks fantastic and because it is under cover it should be super easy to keep clean.

  2. Ha ha Lauren – we have two but they are quite old now so tend not to run around that much and they are also used to glass fencing as we had it at our old home.
    I hope it stays clean but I’ve become super nifty at cleaning windows and glass after doing it for home opens at our old place lol ☺

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