Vertical Garden

Along our eastern boundry fence we will be installing a vertical garden. The low kitchen and scullery glass splashback windows will look out on to this garden. I have no doubt that this vertical garden will be a learning curve and we will be constantly adapting and growing with it! The concept/design of this was done my better half – see the mud map below. The frame and reticulation is being installed by our landscaping contractor and the pots and plants will be done by us. It is 6.5m in length and 1.2m high – so a fair size for us to experiment with!!

Kitchen glass window
Kitchen glass window
Vertical Garden Panel Design by B
Vertical Garden Panel Design by B

We looked at various vertical gardens before coming up with this design. We really wanted a vertical garden but the systems around in garden centers and hardware stores are very expensive especially if you are after about 7.5sq m. I searched high and low until I found the right containers for our plants. These are the Bygel containers from Ikea – at 95c each this has been a bonus as we are looking at approx 200 pots and the equivalent pots that I saw were almost $7 each – yes just for the little pots!!

BYGEL Container IKEA Can be hung on BYGEL rail or mounted to the wall.

I had been trialling various plants in these pots in our old home – the most successful by far have been succulents so I think that the majority of pots will be succulents. I haven’t had a lot of success with the herbs but I am going to persevere with these and other types of plants, and will keep you updated.

Experimental vertical garden
Experimental vertical garden

This set up is going to be on an eastern boundry fence and will get a good amount of sun so I think any of those beautiful leafy ferns will struggle here. This vertical garden is my baby and I am very excited about building and growing/enhancing this. I have in my mind a picture of vertical gardens like the ones below – but I am not quite sure if that’s what we will get!!

#Vertical_Garden – all succulents and think this what we will end up planting.

7 comments on “Vertical Garden

  1. It’ll be a lovely outlook out of your kitchen, that will be for sure. My husband has a vertical garden planned for the wall of our alfresco area outside our bedroom, so I’ll be watching along in interest.

  2. I like that idea.
    I/we will start getting stuck into the vertical garden in the next couple of weeks so i will keep you posted on our progress ☺

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