Landscaping finale

Front courtyard
Front courtyard

The landscaping has been finished and I am very grateful to our landscaping team who made it a very easy tansition. Our home has been transformed  by the beautiful green, green grass and the lush green plants. It never ceases to amaze me how a little bit of greenery can completely  change an area and create a lovely relaxing environment.

The Viburnum has been  a perfect choice for the hedging along the eastern side fence and in our courtyard .The lush dark green leaves go perfectly with the tropical feel that we have created around the pool and this is followed through into the courtyard. The foliage and dark red flower of the Callistamon Little John are a good contrast here and the birds will love it when these are all flowering.

Viburnum eastern boundry
Viburnum eastern boundry
Courtyard - viburnum and Callistamon
Courtyard – viburnum, Callistamon and Jasmine

The courtyard is just as I imagined it to be  – it has a calm and relaxed feel and you can’t help but feel any stress drift away while watching and listening  to the water feature. I feel blessed to be able to practice yoga looking on to such a beautiful space.

Courtyard water feature
Courtyard water feature



Our specimen  tree (Lagerstroemia – Crepe Myrtle) is a little bit bare at the moment but I don’t  mind seeing the bare branches and then the contrast with the very green, fine Lomandra Tanika.

Feature tree - Crepe Myrtle
Feature tree – Crepe Myrtle

I am a fan of succulents and I am pleased that they were incorporated into our landscaping design. They have been used in the raised beds at our front entrance area to create a bit of contrast with colour and form. I like the touch of pebbles to throw a little bit of texture into the mix.

Echeveria front entrance bed


I was able to bring my two large bowls of succulents from our old home and these have been placed on the eastern raised bed wall to break it up a bit. We can see these bowls from inside the house through the long louvred windows. A little tip if you will be doing something similar is to make sure that you offset the bowls from the window (check from inside because if they are placed directly opposite you don’t  see them until you are directly in front of the window). I hope this makes sense ☺



View of suuculent bowls through louvred windows
View of  bowls through louvred windows
Rhoeo in bowls around pool


We have a good selection of native plants in the front garden which I think should cope with the south westerly salty winds. I am hoping the the Agonis Flexuosa and the Callistamon Kings park will attract lots of little birds into our garden.



Once again we have kept the palette pretty simple by mass planting and repition of plants and I think this has far more impact than using lots of different plants.

Front verge
Front verge


We are now looking forward to enjoying this beautiful  garden space.


Vertical garden
Vertical garden


Espalier lemons
Espalier lemons


10 comments on “Landscaping finale

  1. Congrats Deb. it all looks so amazing. I will be happy if ours turns out half as nice 🌵love those succulents and the lemons! Not ever seen them before and I grew up on an orchid.

  2. SO beautiful, Deb. It is looking absolutely breath taking! Certainly the stuff of dreams! I’m in love with your verticle gardens – we’re getting much smaller ones in our backyard as well. Well done, Deb! Just gorgeous!

  3. Thanks Trixee.
    I expect you can’t wait to green up your place -I am looking forward to your landscaping posts.
    Hope the building part is progressing well ☺

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