Green on the inside

Orchid (Cymbidium)
Orchid (Cymbidium)

We are starting  to  feel very settled now and we are down to one or two tradies a week finishing  off those little bits and bobs.

My focus has now turned to the inside and I have began to add those finishing touches.

I decided that we needed a little bit of green inside the house and so I’ve  purchased a few more plants (a big sigh from my better half!)

Cast iron  plant in entrance
Cast iron plant   Aspidistra elatior  in the entrance

The orchids are absolutely  stunning at this time of year and whilst I know they won’t  flower continuously the flowers do last a long time and I just couldn’t  resist.



Of course one can’t  go past having a cast iron plant  inside – almost impossible to kill and will grow anywhere (or so I am told)

Cast iron plant ensuite
Cast iron plant ensuite

The plants are very softening in the house and I like having them around and now just to keep them alive!!


5 comments on “Green on the inside

  1. I’ve been thinking about indoor plants lately too. Orchids are gorgeous aren’t they? Definitely want to get some of those for the bathroom. I’ve heard ivy is also a good hard-to-kill plant for indoors. Have you seen the NASA clean air study? It recommends a number of plants for their ability to remove certain airborne pollutants indoors (though any plant is better than none). The wiki article is an easy read, or you can get the full paper here: On another note, your pots are lovely!

    • Thanks Trixee for those links – I will have a read.
      Tony & Sons in Gnangara is a good place to have a look at orchids – they have a huge variety and well priced.
      Some of my pots are from there too 🙂

    • I love indoor green. Less work and more economical than cut flowers. Lovely choices. As for plants for fresh air, I paid a lot of attention to this when we lived in Beijing. I bought a lot of the right kind of plants, but I think that really you need to turn your home into a bit of a jungle to get the desired air cleaning effect. In Australia, I think it’s a lot more effective to just open up your windows and doors on a daily basis.

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