A spring in your step.

Pool courtyard
Pool courtyard

Spring is here and don’t you just love it! I am a ‘warm weather’ girl, and I just love this time of year. I’ve certainly got a spring in my step the past few weeks and resumed regular early morning walks along the beach front…. AND we are swimming in our gorgeous pool with the solar heating set at a beaut 30 degrees(!) it is fantastic ☺☺


Now as much as I love this warmer weather there are a few annoying things that come with it and one of those is flies. We are lucky living so close to the ocean as they tend not to like the strong/salt rich winds here but they are around at times. In our old home we had mesh security screens throughout and most of the windows and doors were left open so we could make the most of the breeze and fresh air and be secure at night or when out n about. Now, we planned this house to get good cross airflow, and have installed  louvred windows in quiet a few areas to assist in that aim. All these windows have flyscreens which will be replaced with security screens soon so the house can be left open even when we are not at home and at night. The problem area for us has been the beautiful big Jason commercial sliding doors on the living area downstairs and upstairs and on our bedroom. They do not have a track for flyscreens so installing security screens (and/or flyscreens) has proven a slight problem. We have managed to find a company that can install flyscreens which also look nice to these areas so we have decided to go down this route as the flies are our main concern in summer time. If this all works out I will pop some more info on my blog. Its a bit of a ‘watch it’ for anyone building…..yep the commercial frames are solid and great, BUT you can’t (easily) have flyscreens or security screens fitted.

Alfresco sliding doors (Jason commercial frames)
Alfresco sliding doors (Jason commercial frames)

Alfresco sliding doors

Main bedroom sliding doors (Jason commercial frames no flyscreens)
Main bedroom sliding doors (Jason commercial frames no flyscreens)

On the brighter side (pun intended!) our 8kW of solar panels are working very well and producing heaps of energy. Even with a crappy feed in tariff it makes ‘$’ sense medium term. The pool solar heating is also doing it’s job very well and we have been able to start comfortable swimming much earlier in the season than normal – and by this I don’t mean with chattering teeth and goose-pimples!  I also purchased some ‘good’ solar lights from Bunnings this week to trial in the garden – so far so good. Will see if they are durable…there’s so much cheap crap about that lasts..not long.

Inverter display/control panel….pumping out 5+kW for hours on end.
Sunnyboy Inverter
Pool heating - a very comfortable degrees ☺
Pool heating – set to a very comfortable 30 degrees ☺
Vertical garden, with trial solar light panel/battery unit.
Garden solar light
Garden solar light

The garden is growing beautifully and we are seeing lots of spring flowering and birds starting to come into the garden which we are thrilled about. I have a bit of a thing about bird baths (we had 5 in our last garden!) and it was my intention to just have the 1 here but I found this gorgeous stone bowl and thought it would make a lovely birdbath  (my better half rolling his eyes lol) – what do you think?

Birdbath in pool courtyard
Birdbath in pool courtyard
Bottlebrush - callistemon Kings Park (the birds love these)
Bottlebrush – callistemon Kings Park (the birds love these)  The FIRST ever bloom for us here!!!
Crepe Myrtle - I can't wait to see this flower
Crepe Myrtle – masses of emerging tip growth – I can’t wait to see this flower

The veggie patch and vertical  garden are still growing well and I am thoroughly enjoying having fresh herbs back on the menu.

Veggie garden
Veggie garden… from small acorns and all that!
Veggie garden - silverbeet and lettuce
Veggie garden – silverbeet and lettuce
Coriander - curry on the menu 😊
Coriander – curry on the menu 😊

We are enjoying being able to sit back enjoy and relax into our new place, and mojitos are about to be made using mint from the vertical garden – don’t you just love being able to grow your own goodies?

Mint for mojitos!!
Mint …….for mojitos!!

I am looking forward to reading about my fellow bloggers enjoying their new homes soon.







8 comments on “A spring in your step.

  1. Deb, it all looks fantastic. I hope this is my story this time next year. 30 degrees in the pool sounds perfect to me. Glad your solar system is working well. Yes to the bird bath! It’s very stylish.

  2. Goodness, a solar heated pool sounds divine! If/when we ever get around to putting one in, I’m doing that too! Your solar system sounds pretty big, is your inverter still just 5kW though? I’m unsure how big to go to be honest.
    It’s interesting what you say about the flyscreens on the stackers, I was under the impression that ours included them but I could be wrong. I’ll have to follow up.
    Plantings are looking wonderful, but am thinking you might need more than 1 mint plant for those mojitos! 🙂

  3. Lol Trixee – I think you might be right about the mint.
    The inverter is 5 kw – I believe that is the largest you can have for a house in Perth.
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather over the long wk end ☺

  4. How good does your garden look?! I’m in love with that vertical garden … well all of it really. And yes, mint for mojitos is a total must (mojitos are my NYE tradition). Loving the warm change in Perth, but my wasn’t it sudden?!

  5. Wow wow wow everything looks fantastic! I’m envious of your beautiful finished gardens. I’m dreaming of enjoying a nice mojito in our own garden one day – if only our landscaper can get started already. Enjoy the 30 degree pool and hand picked herbs😄

  6. Thanks Lauren.
    I think I might start making mojitos my NYE tradition so I had better make sure that mint keeps growing in the vertical garden ☺
    Yes it was a sudden change to the warmer weather but I’m not complaining ☺☺

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